Smart Networks and Services (SmartNetS) Lab

Using techniques from machine learning and AI to make networks and networked systems more intelligent, efficient, resilient, reliable and responsible

Who we are

We are a team of researchers based at the University of Exeter, working with a range of industry partners to design smart networks, so that they can cope with the demands of a future, interconnected society.

What we do

We are using cutting-edge techniques, including artificial intelligence and machine learning, to design a new way for complex networks to operate. This involves predicting demand from many different users, working out how to share resources most efficiently, and developing responsible and trustworthy solutions.

Our objectives




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Summaries of our latest papers:

5G Smart Networks: Research Videos

Network Slicing

Check out this YouTube video by Exeter Science Centre to find out what 5G network slicing is, and how we are using AI and Machine Learning techniques to improve how resources can be shared out in 5G and B5G (beyond 5G) networks.

Network Digital Twin

In the second YouTube video about our research, Exeter Science Centre explore what a digital twin is, and how machine learning could be useful in designing the digital twin of the 5G network.

Meet the Team

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