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We’re grateful for the free-to-use images that we’ve used on this website – we credit their creators below. The infographic-based images, and any of the content on this site, has been produced by SmartNetS Lab (University of Exeter) and Exeter Science Centre, and is available to re-use under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike (3.0 Unported) licence given appropriate credit (see how).

How to credit images / content from this site:

The images and content on this site can be reproduced in line with the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike (3.0 Unported) licence, but must be clearly credited, to ensure future users can trace the source of this work (to understand how the content/image may be used, ensure its trustworthiness, and/or check for any updates). The work can be credited as: “SNS Lab / Exeter Science Centre” with a URL link to the relevant page.