Our research team is based at the University of Exeter in the Department of Computer Science, part of the College of Engineering, Maths and Computer Science.

Dr Yulei Wu – Lead Researcher, Senior Lecturer

Yulei is the lead researcher (PI) in the group. His main research interests include networking, Internet of Things, edge intelligence, information security, and ethical AI.

Yulei leads the Smart Networks and Services (SmartNetS) Lab based in the University. Check his personal homepage here.

PhD Candidates

Miss Zijie Huang
Mr Hao Cheng
Miss Yujia Zhu
Mr Mustafa Albalushi
Mr Yangjun Ma
Mr Offiong N. Mitchel
Mr Liming Huang
Mr Luyu Qi
Mr Paul Wills


Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Dr. Haozhe Wang


Dr. Juan Zhang, Thesis title: Offloading Decision Making Strategies and Applications in Mobile Edge Computing

Dr. Xiangle Cheng, Thesis title: Learning Augmented Optimization for Network Softwarization in 5G

Dr. Yuan Zuo, Thesis title: A Machine Learning Enhanced Scheme for Intelligent Network Management

Dr. Chengqiang Huang, Thesis title: Featured Anomaly Detection Methods and Applications

Dr. Wang Miao, Thesis title: Performance Modelling and Resource Allocation of the Emerging Network Architectures for Future Internet

Visiting Scholars

Dr. Junfeng Wu, Dalian Ocean University, China
Dr. Chen Li, Computer Network Information Center, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China

MSc Candidates

Kerong Chen, Thesis title: Deep Reinforcement Learning for resource management in RAN slicing

Wenxi Zhang, Thesis title: Explainable machine learning for firewall configuration

Di Wu, Thesis title: Explainable machine learning for DDoS Botnet attack on IoT devices

Undergraduate Students

Siqi Wang, Thesis title: A novel intelligent forwarding scheme in named data networking

Timur Mamedov, Thesis title: Video streaming through information centric networking

Yukun Sun, Thesis title: An innovative and intelligent video caching algorithm in information centric networks

Matthew Gilbert, Thesis title: Mobile Real-time Communication in Named Data Networking