In Detail: Our Research

Research Interests

We are interested in ethics-responsible decision making and its applications on future networks and digital infrastructure. Intelligence, Efficiency, and Trust (IET) are the three key objectives of our research. Our main research areas include:

  • Networks: Self-Driving Networks / Zero-Touch Networks / Autonomous Networks, Network Slicing and Softwarization, Software Defined Networking (SDN), Network Functions Virtualisation (NFV), clean-slate post-IP network technologies (e.g., Information Centric Networking), 5G and beyond 5G, Wireless Networks, Green Networking
  • Edge Computing, Edge AI
  • Digital Twins
  • Analytical Modelling
  • Connected Systems
  • Anomaly Detection and its application in various systems and fields
  • Information Security
  • Ethical and Explainable AI

The methodologies we usually used to carry out our research include:

  • Stochastic Combinatorial Optimisation
  • Game Theory
  • Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Deep Reinforcement Learning
  • Graph Neural Networks
  • Queuing Theory, Network Calculus

We’re also working with the Exeter Science Centre to help make our research more accessible to the public – have a read of our latest research summaries to find out more.